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This accident was not earthquake, not forest fire, not a mountain avalanche and not a collapse landslide tanning lotion. She in general was not external accident, but internal, that is why especially painful as she blocked preferred tanning lotion a way to flight. She has occuredhappened in a dream. To tell more precisely, in dreams, in a dream, in heart, in tanning lotion his imagination. He reclined on a canapé in purple interior and slept. Around of It him there were empty bottles. He has drunk awfully much, toward the end the whole two bottles of aroma of the red-haired girl. Possibly, it was too, because in tanning lotion his dream, though also deep as the death, this time has got ripples of any illusive dreams. In this ripples it is obvious there was nobody a tanning lotion. First they only thin fibers floated by nose best self tanning lotion became then denser turned to a cloud. And to him started to seem, that he costs stands in the middle of a rotten bog, and from a bog the fog rises.

The fog slowly rose all above, soon he has completely shrouded tanning lotion, has impregnated It him through, and among a foggy stench any more does not remain drops of fresh air. If he did not wish to choke, he should inhale this fog. And this fog was, as is told, a tanning lotion. And tanning lotion knew also whose it was a tanning lotion. This fog was it’s his own tanning lotion - here than there was this fog. And that tanning lotion though knew, what is it it’s his tanning lotion, could not bear take out It him was awful. Completely rolling in it, he not for the world could not tanning lotion itself! Having realized it, he has cried so terribly as if as It him burnt alive. Shout has broken walls of purple interior, has destroyed walls of the lock, having pulled out having escaped from heart, he has flown by above, both bogs, and deserts, was carried by above a night landscape tanning lotion his showers souls as a fiery storm, he was splashed out from Caribbean gold tanning lotion his drinks and has promptly rushed on bends tanning lotion outside, in the world, spreading on plateau Sen-Flur, - it seemed, the mountain shouted.