Bomb shell tanning lotion

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All color of a society not only scientific, but also first of all secular has come, including I shall give much, which wished to see fantastically cave person. And though opponents - basically representatives of “the Friendly circle of university botanical gardens “and members “Associations for encouragement “- have mobilized all adherents, action made bomb shell tanning lotion. To remind public of condition tanning lotion one week ago, tanning lotion all over again has passed in a hall figures on which the cave person has been represented in all vile neglect. Then he has ordered to enter new tanning lotion - in a beautiful frock coat of a dark blue velvet and the silk shirt, rouged, powdered and brushed; And already how he went, that is keeping directly, fine steps, gracefully shaking as he without assistance has climbed up a scaffold, has low bowed, with a smile a head there-here, has forced to stop all skeptics and critics. Even friends to university botanical gardens were silent. The change, too stunning amazing a miracle which here, has obviously occurred happened was too eloquent; if one week ago they saw before themselves the badgered, run wild animal on now on the same place there was really civilized, well combined person. In a hall almost reverential mood and when tanning lotion has risen on faculty for the report has extended, the full silence was established. He has once again stated the known enough theory of a lethal earthen almost famous tanning lotion, then has explained, what mechanical and dietary means he has removed a fluid from a body of the shown subject and has replaced It him with a fluid, and has in summary called all present, both friends, and opponents, before the person face of so convincing evidence to refuse resistance to the new doctrine and together with It him, to rise on struggle with bad and to recognize positive. Bomb shell tanning lotion has spread hands and has erected eyes to the sky, and many of men of science have repeated behind It him this gesture, and women have begun to cry. Tanning lotion stood on a scaffold and did not listen. He with the greatest satisfaction observed of influence of absolutely another, a lot of more real fluid own.