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Now he was already strong as floras.  It’s his body pressed all on pillows, and spirit more hard grew dim. And still on his it’s his feast did not come to an end. However, its his eyes could not read any more, the book for a long time has slipped out hands - but he did not wish to finish evening, not having drained one more, last, a flask, the most magnificent: it was aroma of the girl from street Mare … He drank It him reverentially and for this purpose was straightened on the discounted tanning lotion though to him it was heavy as the purple interior shook and turned around of It him at each movement. In a pose of the provisional pupil, having compressed knees and densely having shifted a foot, having put the left hand on the left hip, - here is how saws small tanning lotion the most precious aroma from cellars of the heart, drank a glass behind a glass and thus all became more sad. He knew, that has drunk too much.

He knew that such quantity amount of pleasures to him to not transfer carry. And still drank to the bottom. He went on dark pass from street to a court yard. Went on light. And in a circle of light the girl sat and cut plums. The crash of rockets and petards of fireworks … occasionally reached He put aside a glass and remained to sit, as it having hardened from sentimentality and intoxication, some more minutes while from  its his language last smack drunk did not disappear. He motionlessly looked before itself. In it’s his brain suddenly became as it is empty, as in bottles. Then he overeats, on a purple canapé and instantly plunged in a dream. At the same time best sunless tanning lotion too fell asleep on the body cloth. And  its his dream was so deep as a dream internal tanning lotion for Herculean feats and excesses of one exhausted also another - in fact with both of them not less, eventually, were the same person face.