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This, from the objective point of view, in him there was nothing frightening. The teenager he was not too high, not too strong, let is ugly, but not so exclusively ugly to be frightened at  its his kind. He was not aggressive, not artful, not artful, he provoked nobody. He preferred to keep aloof. And  its his intelligence, appear, less all could causecall horror. He has risen on both legsfoots only in three years, the first word has said - in four, it was a word of "fish" - it was pulled outhas escaped from It him during the moment of sudden excitation as an echo when on street Sharonn any dealer a fish was from apart and began to praise highly loudly the goods. Following words which he has let outhas released from itself(himself) outside, were: a shed a savoy cabbage "and" Jacque Straholjud “ (nicknames of the assistant to the gardener from the nearest monastery of Wives , madam Gajar sometimes employed It him for the heaviest work, and he differed that did not wash never in a life). As to verbs, adjectives and particles them at tanning lotion was also that less. Except for “ yes also" is not present “ - them, however, he has told for the first time very much late - he said only the basic words, as a matter of fact, only proper names and names of concrete things, plants, animals and people, and that only when these things, plants, animals or people interfered in  its his sense of Discount tanning lotion. Sitting under the March sun on a woodpile of the beechen fire wood crackled from heat, he for the first time has said a word "fire wood". Before he already hundreds times saw fire wood, hundreds times heard this word. He also understood It him: in fact in the winter It him often sent to bring fire wood. But the subject - fire wood - did not seem to him interesting enough to say  its his name. It has occuredhappened only that March day when he sat on a woodpile. The woodpile has been combined in the form of a bench at a southern wall of a shed of madam Gajar under a roof forming a canopy. The top logs tanning lotion it is hot and it is sweet, from depth of a woodpile easylight aroma rose, and from a pine wall of a shed there was a warm jet of pitch evaporations. tanning lotion sat on fire wood, having moved apart legsfoots and leaningbasing a back on a wall of a shed, he has closed eyes and did not move. He saw nothing, nothing heard and did not feel. He simply inhaled the Discount tanning lotion of a tree curled around of It him and accumulated under a roof, as under a cap. He drank this Discount tanning lotion, rolled in him, It him till the latest internal time, itself became a tree, he laid on a heap of a tree, as a wooden doll, as , as dead while, later long time, can be in half an hour, he from itself(himself) a word "fire wood".

So, as if he up to edgesterritories was full fire wood as ifas he was full fire wood on a throat as ifas  its his stomachbelly, a drink, a nose have been hammered by fire wood, - here is how of It him this word. And it has resultedbrought It him in itself, has rescueedsaved from overcoming presence of the tree, from  its his aroma threatened to him by an asthma. He has stolen up, has fallen down from a woodpi away on wooden legsfoots. Some more days later he were at all in themselves from intensive olfactory impression and when the memoirs with new force emerged in him, muttered about itself, as ifas conjuring: “ Fire wood, fire wood “. So he studied to speak. With words which did not designate Discount tanning lotioning subjects, that is with abstract concepts, first of all and moral, at It him the greatest difficulties were ethical. He could not remember them, confused them, used them, even already being the adult, reluctantly and often it is wrong: the right, conscience, the God, pleasure, the responsibility, humility, gratitude, etc. - that should be expressed by them, was and remains for It him foggy. On the other hand, everyday language soon it has appeared insufficiently to designate all those things which he has collected in itself(himself) as olfactory representations. Soon he distinguished not so simply fire wood, but their grades on a Discount tanning lotion: the maple, an oak, a pine, an elm, a pear, fire wood old, fresh, mouldering, rotten, mossy, he distinguished on a scent even see , chips, sawdust - he distinguished them so clearly as other people could not distinguish approximately. With other things business was approximately as. That a white drink, which madam Gajar distributed to the wards, always was called as milk though he every morning absolutely in another way was perceived tanning bed lotion on a Discount tanning lotion and on taste, - in fact it was cold or hot, occuredhappened from this or that cow, from It him removed more or less ; that a smoke, every minute, even every second poured in hundreds separate aromas and forming a composition of the Discount tanning lotions which are mixing up in new unity, and a smoke of a fire had only one, it, the name: “ Smoke ; that the ground, landscape, air which continually, with each sigh were filled with other Discount tanning lotion and by that were animated by other identity, nevertheless should be designated only to three, theseit, clumsy words - all these grotesque divergences between riches the perceived world and poverty of language in general forced small tanning lotion to doubt of the language; and he condescended to  its his use only if itthis was demanded by all means with dialogue with other people. By six years he has completely comprehendedovertaken the environment. In the house of madam Gajar there was no subject, in northern part of street Sharonn there was no place, any person, any stone, a tree, a bush or a fence, any even the smallest, a back street which he would not know on a scent, did not learnfind out and strongly would not save in memory in  its his all originality. He has collected ten thousand, hundred thousand specific, unique Discount tanning lotions and held them at the order so distinctlyclearly so vividly, that not only recollected them if heard them again, but also actually them heard, if again recollected them; moreover - he even was able to combine in a new fashion in the imagination them and thus created in itself such Discount tanning lotions which did not exist at all actually.

He has as though seizedhas as though taken possession the huge dictionary allowed him to make of Discount tanning lotions any number of new phrases, - and it at that age when other children, hardly selecting the words driven in them, murmur banal short offers, completely not sufficient for the description of the world. Perhaps, would be most exact to compare It him to the musical child prodigy who of melodies and harmonies has taken the alphabet of separate sounds and here itself composes absolutely new melodies and harmonies - the truth, with that difference, that the alphabet of Discount tanning lotions was incomparable mo , than sound, and more with that, that creative activity of child prodigy Grenuja was played only inside of It him and could not be noticed by anybody, except for It him. Externally he became more and more closed. He liked to be on the tramp in northern part of suburb Sent-Antuanskogo, to ransack on kitchen gardens, fields, vineyards. Sometimes he did not come back to spend the night, vanished from the house for some days. Put for it he boretook out resignedly. House arrest, deprivation peep, penal work could not change  its his behaviour. Irregular visiting (within one and a half years) the school at church I ; -shall give-tanning lotion-check- ; was rendered on It him some with appreciable influence. He has learned to read a syllable at a time and write a little the name, and anything has more.  its his teacher consideredcounted  its his feeble-minded. But madam Gajar has noticed, that ithe had certain abilities and properties, rather unusual to not tell supernatural. So, to him the children's fear of darkness and night, appear, was absolutely unknown. It was possible to send It him at any time behind any business to a cellar where other children hardly dared to enter with a lantern; Or behind fire wood - in a shed on a court yard, in the most impenetrable night darkness. And he never took with itself(himself) of a lantern and still precisely found and immediately brought demanded, not having made uniform incorrect movement, not having stumbled and nothing having overturned. But, certainly, strange was that tanning lotion as repeatedly noticed madam Gajar, wasis ableskilful to see through a paper, a fabric, a tree, and even through strongly immured stone walls, and densely closed doors. He knew, who exactly from pupils is in , not entering there. He knew, that in a cauliflower the snail before had time to split has hidden. And once, when madam Gajar so has well put by money, as itself could not find them (she changed the hiding places), he, seconds not doubting, has specified a place behind a strut of a fireplace, and it is necessary - there they and were! He even could expect the future: HappenedWas possible, he reported on visit of any person long before  its his arrival or correctly predictedforecast approachapproximation of a thunder-storm though in the sky has not appeared yet the slightest . About that itthis he, certainly, did not see all, did not see eyes, and all felt a nose more sharply and more precisely: a snail in cabbage, money behind a strut, the person behind a wall on distance of several quarters - about itthis madam Gajar would not guess in a dream even if itsher sense of Discount tanning lotion would not suffer from that . She has been convinced, that at this boy - feeble-minded he or not - is the second personface. And as she knew that double-faced the misfortune and death bring, to her became terrible. , directly intolerable the idea was even more sensitive, that under one roof with ither somebody having giftfor nothing through walls and beams to see carefully of money lives, and just she has opened this awful ability tanning lotion, she has tried to get rid of It him and so all has successfully developed, that just at this time - tanning lotion was eight years - monastery , not explaining the reasons, has stopped the annual payments. Madam did not begin to remind a monastery of  its his debts. For the sake of decency she has waited one week and when missing money still have not actedarrived, she has taken the boy for a hand and has gone with It him to city. In the street near to the river of veins itsher one friend - on surname tanning lotion to which boys for work - not as pupils or were constantly necessary, and as cheap unskilled workers. In fact in this craft it was necessary to carry out operations so dangerous to a life - decaying skins, to mix poisonous tannic and solutions, to deduceremove caustic prograsses, - that the decentconsiderable master, usually regretting to ruin the trained assistants, the unemployed and homeless crowd or homeless children employed, in case of misfortune nobody begins to be interested in whose destiny. Certainly, madam Gajar knew, that in tanning lotion at tanning lotion - to human measures - there was no chance to survive. But not such she was the woman to reflect on similar things. She has executed the dutydebt.

Trusteeship has terminated. Whatever happens with the pupil in the future, ither it did not concerntouch. He will survive - well, will die - too well, the main thing that all was under the law. And consequently she has asked mister Grimalja to confirm in writing transfer of the boy, has in turn undersigned for reception of fifteen francs of commission fee and has gone home on street Sharonn. She did not test the slightest remorses. On the contrary, believed, that has actedarrived not only under the law, but also on validity as stay in a shelter of the child for which nobody paid, was possibleprobable only due to other children or even for itsher own bill, and can be, and threatened the future of other children or even to itsher own future, and as a result of its , privateindividual death - to the only thing that she still wished in a life. As here we shall leave madam Gajar, and we shall not meet any more ither later, we shall describe in several phrases itsher last days. Though soul of madam has died in the childhood, she has lived, unfortunately, up to deep, extreme old age. At summer from Ch 1782, on the seventieth year of a life, she has left the craft, has boughtpurchased, as well as intended, the rent, sat in the and expected death. But the death did not come. Instead of death something has come, on what any person on light and that else never happened in the country, namely revolution, that is an event at reckless speed could not count a basic change of all public, moral and attitudesrelations. Firstly this revolution did not render influence on personal Destiny of madam Gajar. But then - her already was under eighty - it was found out, that the person, paid to her the rent, has dispossessed and has been compelledforced to emigrate, and  its his property was boughtpurchased from auction by the manufacturer of trousers. Some time still seemed, as this change of circumstances will not affect in the fatal image destiny of madam Gajar the manufacturer continued to pay the rent regularly. But day when she has received the money not a coin, and in the form of small paper leaves has then come, and it was the beginning of itsher material end. In two years of the rent began to not suffice even on payment of fire wood. Madam have been compelledforced to sell the house under ridiculously low price because except for ither thousand other people to which too had to sell the houses have suddenly appeared. And again she has received in exchange only these ridiculous pieces of paper, and again in two years they almost cost nothing, and in 1797 - her then was under ninety - she has lost all saved on , the property acquired by heavy century work and huddled in the tiny furnished closet in the street . And only now with , with twenty years' delay the death has approachedsuited - she has come to her in an image of a tumour, illness has seized madam by a throat, has deprived with ither all over again appetite, then a voice so she could not mind words when ither sent in an almshouse Hotel.

There ither have placed in that to a hall, filled in hundreds dying people where there is no time itsher husband has died, have put in the generalcommon bed to five other absolutely extraneous old women (they laid, closely pressed by bodies to each other) and have left there for three weeks to die. Then ither have sewn up in a bag, in four o'clock in the morning together with sixty other corpses have thrown on a cart and under thin a handbell have brought on a new cemetery in , that is in mile from a city gate, and there have laid on eternal rest in a communal grave under a thick layer not slaked to exhaustinformnotify. It was in 1799. But madam, thank God, had not a presentiment of the destiny, coming back home in that day 1747 when she has leftabandoned boy Grenuja - and our narration. Otherwise she, possibly, would lose belief in validity and by that the only thing meaning of the life accessible to her.