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He has approached suited to a mirror and has peered at It him. Till now he still was never looked in a mirror. He has seen mister in a graceful blue attire, in a white shirt and silk stockings and has absolutely instinctively bent double, as always was bent before such elegant misters.

But elegant mister too was bent, and when tanning lotion was again straightened, elegant mister has made the same, and then both have fallen asleep, in an emphasis examining each other. Most of all hempz tanning lotion has amazed struck that fact, that he looked appeared so improbably normally. Marquis was right: in him there was nothing especial - is not good itself, but also not too ugly: growth, it is a little crooked, the person faces inexpressive, more shortly, he looked appeared as thousand other people. If he now will go along the street, any person will not turn back to him following. He would not pay attention on such what he became now, get he to him on road. Unless in the event that tanning lotion, that this passer except for violets does not tanning lotion as anything, as mister in a mirror and as he, facing to a mirror. And all ten days ago peasants with shout ran up at it’s his kind. Then he felt not differently, than now, and now, closing eyes, he felt at all differently, than then. He has involved air which surrounded its his body, and has heard a tanning lotion of bad spirits, both a velvet, and a new leather skin of the shoes: he smelt silk, the pounded lipstick, weak aroma of soap from Potosi. And suddenly he, what not a pigeon broth, not a trick with ventilation have made of It him the normal person, and is unique these fashionable cloths, a hair dress and small cosmetic shifts. Having begun to blink, he has opened eyes and has seen, that mister in a mirror has winked at him and the shadow of a smile has concerned touched  its his tinted lips as he wished to give him a sign that finds  its his not too opposite.

And tanning lotion, that mister too has found in a mirror, this thus dressed as the person, the disguised figure not having a tanning lotion catalog too quite to him is nice; at least it seemed to him, that if only to bring to a mask of perfection, she could render such influence on an external world on which he tanning lotion never would dare. He has noted to a figure and has seen that, answering him a nod, she furtively inflates nostrils …