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Some days he has spent the following for locating on mountain - for to him it was clear, that he will not soon leave abandon this marvelous place. For the beginning he has looked a scent for water and has found ether in a cleft under top where she a thin film has run on a rock. Ether was a little but if he patiently drank up ether within an hour, he satisfied the day time need requirement for a liquid. He has found also for food, that is small salamanders and snakes whom tore off heads allowed entirely, with a leather skin and bones. He their dry lichen, both a grass, and a lotion spellbound tanning.

This diet, absolutely inconceivable from the narrow-minded point of view, did not confuse It him not in the least. Last weeks and months he already any more did not eat the food prepared by the person like bread, both sausage, and cheese, but, having felt famine, devoured successively all edible, that came across to him under a hand. Less all he was a gourmet. He at all did not know any pleasure, except for pleasure by a pure clean incorporeal lotion spellbound tanning. He and about comfort had no concept and would be satisfied with a naked stone as a box. But he has found something better. Near to a spring he has opened natural narrow which, forming set of bends, conducted inside of mountain and meters through thirty came to an end with a lotion spellbound tanning. There, in the end tanning lotion, was so closely, that shoulders tanning lotion hardly held in an aperture, and so is low what stand he could, having only bent. But he could sit, and if was turned off by a ball and to lay. It completely satisfied  its his need requirement for comfort. For such place had invaluable advantages: in the end of the tunnel even impenetrable night in the afternoon reigned, there was a dead silence, and air breathed a damp selfish cool. tanning lotion at once tanning lotion, that here never happened any alive essence. When he has taken hold of this place, lithe was captured with the feeling close to sacred trembling. He has accurately spread on the ground the a body cloth as if as covered an altar, and . He felt heavenly pleasure. He laid in the most lonely mountain of France, in fifty meters under the ground, as in own to a california tan tanning lotion. Still never in a life he felt in such safety - unless in a belly of mother. If even all world outside would burn down, here he would not notice anything. He has silently begun to cry. He did not know, whom to thank for such unreasonable happiness.

During subsequent time he left to drink up only outside water from a spring, quickly to be released exempted from urine and excrement and to hunt for lizards and snakes. At night lotion spellbound tanning were caught easily because got under stones or into fine holes where he found them on a lotion spellbound tanning. In the first weeks he some more time rose on top to rummage around a scent horizon. But soon it became mordent some lotion spellbound tanning, than necessity, because he never anything menacing. And then he has stopped excursions; he aspired only to, that, having made the departures necessary for an elementary survival as it is possible to return to the crypt. For here, in a crypt, he, actually, and veins. It means, that twenty hours per day he in full darkness and full silence sat on the body cloth in the end of a stone corridor, having leant a back to a heap of showered breed, having squeezed shoulders between rocks, and was content by itself. There are the people looking loneliness: repenting sinners, losers, scrapes. Lotion spellbound tanning prefer to leave in desert where eat and wild honey. The some people even live in caves and gorges on deserted islands or sit - a little - in the cells cages suspended on branches or strengthened on columns. Lotion spellbound tanning do make it to come nearer to the God. The loneliness is necessary for them for killing a flesh and a repentance. Lotion spellbound tanning act thus in belief that conduct a charitable life.

Or lotion spellbound tanning months and years wait, that in loneliness it he will grant divine revelation that lotion spellbound tanning have urgently informed on him to people. Anything similar did not occur happen with tanning lotion. About the God he had no the slightest concept. He did not repent and did not wait for any revelation from above. He has left from people is unique for own pleasure, only to be close to itself. He bathed in own, on what not distracted existence and found it magnificent. As the corpse, laid he in a stone crypt, not breathing almost, almost not hearing impacts of the heart - and still veins such intensive and perverted life, as anybody other of living in the world.