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Having heard these spirits in a dark premise room, any would think, that there is a second person. And if the person has perfumed with them, which itself tanning lotions as the person he on a tanning lotions would seem to us two people or, even worse, as a monstrous double essence as an image which cannot be fixed unequivocally more because its his outlines are indistinct and blur, as figure at the bottom of the lake, deformed distorted by a ripples on water. For imitation of this human tanning lotions - let insufficient, in it’s his opinion, but quite to deceive others - tanning lotion has picked up the most imperceptible components in a workshop. Handful of the cat's dung still more enough fresh, he has found behind a threshold of a door leading in a court yard. He has taken its his floor- and has put in the amalgamator with several drops of vinegar and pounded. Under a table he has found out a slice of cheese in size about the nail of the big finger which has obviously remained from any fiji tanning lotion.

Cheese was already enough old, has started to decay and exhaled a shrill-sharp tanning lotions. From a cover of a keg with the sardines, stood in a back part of a bench, he something smoke tanning lotions fish, has mixed it with rotten and castor oil, salt ammoniac, a muscat, a horn and burned pork. To this he has added enough plenty, has diluted these awful seasonings with spirit, has allowed to be insisted and has filtered in the second bottle. The tanning lotions of a mix was monstrous. She stank of a foul place, decomposition, decay and when the wave of a fan added pure clean air to this evaporation, there was an impression, that you cost stand in hot summer day in Paris on crossing of streets About-õ and where smoke tanning lotions of fish numbers lines merge, Cemeteries of the innocent and overflow houses. On this terrible basis, which in itself published more likely cadaver, than the human tanning lotions, smoke tanning lotion has imposed only one layer of aromas of radio oils butters: pepper, a lavender, a lemon, and he has softened them and has simultaneously hidden a bouquet of thin flower oils butters of a geranium, a rose, orange color and a jasmine. After repeated spirit and a small amount of vinegar the disgusting base on which all mix was based, became absolutely imperceptible for sense of tanning lotions. Fresh components have made imperceptible a latent fetidity, aroma of colors flowers has decorated a disgusting essence, even has almost given to her interest, and, in the strange image, it was impossible to catch more than a smoke tanning lotions of decay and decomposition, he at all was not felt. On the contrary, appear, that these spirits exhale vigorous, inspiring aroma of a life.

Tanning lotion has poured them in two bottles which has densely closed fuses, and has hidden in the pockets. Then he has carefully washed up water amalgamators, and spoons, has wiped their oil butter of bitter almonds to remove all traces of smoke tanning lotions, and has taken the second amalgamator. In him he has quickly grouped other spirits, something like a copy of the first which too consisted of radio oils butters and from flower elements, but the basis did not contain a magical soup, and included quite usual , amber, it is a little and cypress oil butter. In general they smoke tanning lotion it is perfect absolute differently, than the first, - not so it is mysterious, more faultlessly, less aggressively, - for they did not have not enough the elements simulating a human tanning lotions. But if them the usual person and they mixed up with it’s his own tanning lotions they could not be distinguished from what tanning lotion ha of itself absolutely. Having filled a bottle the second spirits, he has undressed and has sprayed the dress those, the first. Has then perfumed under , between fingers on legs foots, in a groin and behind ears; has scented a neck and hair, has put on and has left abandoned a workshop.