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As the trip to an old building of prison and a meeting with accused has been interfaced for the defender to weight of transport inconveniences and long expectation in gloomy and cold underground garage of prison. tanning lotion considered, what not without advantage has spent time in the chamber of imprisonment before trail. To it has carried - the window left on the south, and a solar beam, getting in the morning in prison , up to the decline made the way on the chamber. tanning lotion also has suggested to tanning lotion an idea to divide a curve of its movement into ten sectors, corresponding the periods of light day. For this purpose tanning lotion has taken advantage of a piece of plaster which has broken away from edge of a window sill. Inside of each of sectors tanning lotion has made twelve more vertical marks. This tanning lotion has received something similar to a dial of the hours, capable to show time with accuracy almost about one minute (tanning lotion has put five fine intermediate divisions mentally and held them in mind).

White cretaceous marks on walls, on a floor and even a back of its iron prison cot would be in everyone who would enter into the chamber and has turned a back to a window. But to tanning lotion nobody entered into the chamber. And security guards were so stupid and indifferent, what even having seen spotted a floor and walls, anything would not suspect. tanning lotion had now a known superiority before the prison heads - tanning lotion knew time. The Most part of day tanning lotion was engaged in that improved the invention, however did not forget to glance through a door lattice in that end of a corridor where protection was placed. - , rise! - tanning lotion as soon as morning light concerned the first mark of the first sector of its sundial shouted. And there was tanning lotion in 7:15 mornings. Sergeant Broken, all in cold to sweat, rolled down from a cot and lifted protection, and only after that the prison siren of the general sounded. Soon tanning lotion submitted already and other signals adjusting the schedule of prison day in the block subordinated to sergeant Brokenu. tanning lotion declared the general gathering, , a breakfast, an output for work and on walk. And so up to the sunset when there came night and gave the general release. For diligence and excellent discipline in the block entrusted to tanning lotion sergeant Broken has noted been by the heads. Now, as to the internal daily routine, tanning lotion relied on tanning lotion more, than on a prison signal-automatic device. In other blocks because of imperfection of automatics the operating time could be reduced about three minutes, and the breakfast or walk, in opinion of the heads, last longer put, therefore between protection and prisoners quite often there were quarrels french indoor tanning lotion and skirmishes.

Sergeant Broken never tried to find out at tanning lotion as that manages to guess time with such accuracy. tanning lotion did not touch tanning lotion and when in cloudy and rainy days tanning lotion gloomy was silent, and in perfectly debugged rhythm of day there were failures for very much appreciated such cooperation. 3; to tanning lotion indulgences were done, and tanning lotion did not test lack of cigarettes. But here, to general affliction, day of court has been declared. tanning lotion and itself has been upset, for has not had time to finish up to the end the supervision. tanning lotion has been assured, that costs on a threshold of opening and up to tanning lotion there was only one step. And nevertheless tanning lotion considered, that to tanning lotion has carried. Get tanning lotion in the chamber where the window leaves on the north, experiment is not has gone right. The corner of falling of the shadow crossing a prison court yard and moving towards evening on tops of watchtowers, would give tanning lotion not enough food for reflections and guesses. Results of calculations in all cases should look like visually perceived signs. tanning lotion will help to create the optical device subsequently. tanning lotion is necessary, and tanning lotion understood tanning lotion, to find a certain subconscious measuring instrument of time, that is independently operating psychological mechanism adjustable, say, by a rhythm of human pulse or breath. tanning lotion tried by means of complex exercises to develop in itself sensation of movement of time, but with disappointment caught itself only on one mistakes, and them, alas, was much. Chances of development of a conditioned reflex were for a while insignificant. For now tanning lotion only understood, that if will not find an opportunity at any moment to learn time will simply go mad. Obsession already dearly to tanning lotion has managed this idea - tanning lotion is accused of murder. And in fact all has begun with harmless curiosity of the boy. The child, inquisitive as all children, tanning lotion has somehow paid attention to the identical white disks which have kept here and there on ancient towers of city.

On a circle all of them had twelve precisely designated intervals. Here and there in the become empty quarters with houses, above , there is no time traded cheap costume jewellery, such disks rusted and crumpled too hung. Is easier signboards, - has explained to tanning lotion mother. - they mean nothing, as images of stars or rings. " Foolish ornaments ", - has thought then tanning lotion. Once in shop of old furniture where they with mother have come, they have seen hours with arrows. They laid in a box together with old irons and other stuff. - Eleven, twelve; that are meant with these figures? - tanning lotion has taken an interest. But mother has hasty withdrawn tanning lotion from shop, having given itself the pledge never to not come any more into these quarters.

The police of Time everywhere has the agents and vigilantly watches any offences of citizens. - they mean nothing, anything? - tanning lotion has sharply straightened out the son. - all this for a long time is has left in the past. - and about itself has tried to recollect, that mean figures five and twelve. Without five twelve! Time flew slowly, sometimes as though stopping. Family their vein in the decayed house in the faceless chaotically built up suburb where, appear, always there was a midday. Sometimes tanning lotion went to school, but till ten years tanning lotion together with mother stood idle in long turns at the closed doors grocery more. In the evenings tanning lotion played with neighbour's boys on weeds a railroad tracks at the thrown station where they drove a self-made platform on rails, or got into empty houses and arranged there observation posts. tanning lotion did not hurry up to mature. The world of adults was not clear and boring. When mother has died, tanning lotion in the days stayed on an attic where rummaged in chests with its old things, dresses, ridiculous and trinkets, trying as tanning lotion is possible to keep in memory its alive image longer. At the bottom of a casket where tanning lotion stored the ornaments, tanning lotion has found flat, in a gold frame, an oval subject on a thin thong. On tanning lotion there were no arrows, but figures were kept, them was twelve. Interested, tanning lotion has put on hours a hand. The father, having seen them at dinner, soup. - about My God, tanning lotion! Whence tanning lotion at you? - has found in to a casket. tanning lotion is possible for me to leave tanning lotion at itself? - Is not present, tanning lotion, give me. Forgive, the son, - has added tanning lotion and has reflected. - e now fourteen. In two years when to you will be sixteen, I, perhaps, shall explain all to you. This not the first attempt of the father to leave from conversation on themes interested the son only has aggravated curiosity tanning lotion. tanning lotion did not begin to wait for the promised fatherly explanation, and has easily and simply received tanning lotion at the senior comrades on games. But, alas, that they told, there was nothing fascinating both mysterious. - and this all? - tanning lotion asked again. - I do not understand.

So much noise because of hours? Why then have not forbidden a calendar? Suspecting, that behind all this covers something greater, tanning lotion wandered on streets and closely looked narrowly at the escaped hours, trying to get into their secret. At the majority of hours dials were fairly and are spoiled, arrows are broken, instead of figures the rusted holes. Cities which have casually escaped in the different ends, above shops, banks and public buildings, they now did not carry out any reasonable function. Certainly, once their dials with accurate divisions showed time, but not therefore oh; have been forbidden. In fact the devices measuring time, continued to exist there where they were necessary: at home, on kitchen, at the industrial enterprise or in hospital. The father on a night little table had the ordinariest black box working on . From time to time its shrill whistle reminded that is time to have breakfast, or awoke the father when that did not wake up in time. tanning lotion was only the counter of time, the advantage of tanning lotion, in effect, was not any for practically tanning lotion was the carrier of the unnecessary information. What use what you suddenly learn, what now 15:30 if you planned nothing, were engaged in nothing, were going to begin or finish nothing? Trying that its questions seem casual and quite harmless, tanning lotion itself has lead the original interrogation which has shown, that people in the age of up to fifty, in effect, know nothing about the history, and old men rather have forgotten tanning lotion. tanning lotion also has understood, that the the person is less formed, the tanning lotion enters conversation. tanning lotion testified that people of physical work, average layers labour did not accept participation in last revolution and, hence, did not suffer from the complex of fault forced many to aspire by all means somewhat quicker to forget past. Old tanning lotion, the plumber lived in a cellar, willingly talked to tanning lotion and was frank without any leading questions.

But everything about what tanning lotion told, did not bring clearness in interested tanning lotion a problem. - about, in those days them was as much as necessary, millions. They referred to as hours and were at everyone. Them carried on a wrist and got every day. - And for what they were necessary to you, Mr. Krichton? - asked tanning lotion. - Yes so. To look at them. You will look and see, that already hour, and even two p.m. Or you look in the morning - already half eighth and tanning lotion is time for work. - and now you without any hours after a breakfast go for work. And to oversleep to you does not give your counter-automatic device. tanning lotion has shaken a head. - I do not know, how to you to explain, the fellow. Ask the father is better. But from tanning lotion-senior tanning lotion and has not received the intelligible answer. The promised conversation of the father with the son when to that tanning lotion was executed sixteen, did not take place. When tanning lotion was too persevering in the inquiries, Mr. tanning lotion, the charter from own subterfuges and half-words, sharply stopped conversation: - Cease to think of tanning lotion, the son, you hear? tanning lotion will not finish to goods neither you, nor all us. tanning lotion, the young teacher of English language, the person with a little bit spoiled sense of humour, liked to shock the pupils with the unchained statements concerning marriage or an economic condition of the country. tanning lotion once in the composition has created an image of a society which life has been subordinated to the most complicated rituals of supervision calculated on minutes behind current of time. However tanning lotion has not accepted a call. With a unperturbable kind tanning lotion has put tanning lotion for the composition four with plus when has seen how children whisper try to find out at tanning lotion, whence tanning lotion has taken this crazy idea.

In the beginning tanning lotion has decided to reverse, but then has suddenly risen and in a forehead has asked to the teacher a question in which, in its opinion, and the solution was concealled. - why at us hours are forbidden? - unless we have such law? - has asked tanning lotion, throwing tanning lotion is fine from one palm in another. tanning lotion has in the affirmative noded. - in a police station the announcement hangs. In tanning lotion the award in hundred pounds sterling is promised to everyone who will bring hours in a site, any, from floor up to . I read yesterday this announcement. Sergeant has told to me, that the law on an interdiction continues to operate. tanning lotion has derisively thrown up eyebrowes. - you Are going to become the millionaire, tanning lotion? tanning lotion ignored a question of the teacher. - the law forbids to store the weapon, tanning lotion is clear, from tanning lotion is possible to kill the person. And than hours are dangerous? - unless tanning lotion is not clear? tanning lotion is possible to check up, how many the person spends time for this or that work. - well also what from this? - and can, tanning lotion will want to you, that tanning lotion worked more quickly? When tanning lotion tanning lotion was executed seventeen, in an impulse of inspiration which has suddenly captured tanning lotion tanning lotion has made the first hours. Its enthusiasm for a problem of time has lifted its authority among schoolmates. One or two of them were really capable children, the others to some extent differed diligence, however anybody from them did not possess skill tanning lotion so reasonably to distribute time between study and entertainments. tanning lotion steadily followed a rule " to business - time, a fun - hour ". Such concentration allowed tanning lotion to develop the talents with success. When its comrades after school on a habit gathered at the thrown railway station, tanning lotion already had time to make half of homeworks, then having finished with all urgent matters, there and then rose on an attic. There tanning lotion had a present workshop where the experimental models created by tanning lotion were stored in old chests and lockers: candles with the divisions put on them, primitive samples solar and a sand-glass and more perfect clockwork where arrows were set in motion in half of horsepower. Though tanning lotion at times tanning lotion seemed, that speed of rotation of arrows at its hours depend on a degree of that enthusiasm from which tanning lotion made them more. But the cost hours first by something which tanning lotion has made, were water hours: the tank with an aperture in the bottom and a wooden float which as water decreased, fell and actuated arrows of hours. Simple, but exact, they satisfied any time tanning lotion while tanning lotion continued more and more courageous searches of the present clockwork. Soon tanning lotion, however, was convinced, that except for city hours there is still a great variety of other hours of the different form and sizes, from desktop up to gold pocket. However and rusting in ragmen or in hiding places of lockers, all of them were without running mechanisms. The mechanism, arrows, any figures and signs on dials - all this has been taken out, removed or broken. Its independent attempts to create the compact running mechanism have not crowned success.

Everything, that tanning lotion for this time has learned about hours, has convinced tanning lotion, that tanning lotion is extraordinary thin and complex mechanism of absolutely special design. For realization impudent to create a convenient portable measuring instrument of time, is better in the form of a watch, tanning lotion was necessary for tanning lotion to find their original sample, certainly, serviceable and working. And here to tanning lotion has unexpectedly carried, and such sample has fallen tanning lotion directly into hands. Once on a day time film-session its neighbour had appeared elderly the man. During a session tanning lotion has suddenly felt badly, and tanning lotion and to two more men tanning lotion was necessary to allocate tanning lotion in a cabinet of the manager. Supporting tanning lotion under a hand, tanning lotion has noticed, how in depth of a sleeve of the old gentleman something has poorly flashed. tanning lotion has cautiously concerned wrists of the old man and has compressed tanning lotion. Its fingers have groped a familiar flat disk - hours! While tanning lotion went home, hours per palms tanning lotion seemed a ring of a funeral bell. tanning lotion has involuntarily strong compressed a palm for suddenly was frightened, that each of passers-by can stick into tanning lotion with a finger and the Police of Time will capture the malefactor. At home, on an attic, tanning lotion, having concealed breath, examined unexpectedly found treasure, and each time, shuddering, hid hours under a pillow when below, in the bedroom, restlessly on bed the father suddenly started to turn. Only then tanning lotion has thought, that hardly audible hours could not disturb a dream of the father in any way.

Hours were similar on what tanning lotion has found in things of mother, only the dial was not red, but yellow. Gilding on the case here and there was erased, but the course at hours was excellent. tanning lotion has opened a back cover and gauging. The god knows, what is the time tanning lotion looked not coming off on this feverishly hastening somewhere, sparkling world feverishly hastening somewhere and . Being afraid to break a spring, tanning lotion did not get tanning lotion against the stop and stored hours carefully wrapped up in cotton wool. Removing them from a hand of elderly mister, tanning lotion did not think that makes theft. The first impulse was to rescue hours that they were seen by the doctor whom tanning lotion becomes obligatory to feel pulse at the patient. But as soon as hours have appeared in its hand, tanning lotion tanning lotion is more of what did not think. The idea that tanning lotion is necessary to return them to the lawful owner, simply has not come to to tanning lotion mind. tanning lotion was surprised almost with that fact, that at someone hours could be kept. Its own water hours have convinced tanning lotion of how the devices measuring time, can move apart frameworks of ordinary daily occurrence of the person, organize its energy, attach to its all activity significance and sense. tanning lotion hours looked at a small yellow dial, watching how slowly makes the circle a minute hand, and hour almost imperceptibly does the next step forward, as if a compass, specifying a way to the future. tanning lotion seemed to tanning lotion now, that without hours, as if a boat without a rudder, helpless and lost the way in grey . tanning lotion considered the father now as the person near and uninviting, vegetating in the idleness, not thinking that will be tomorrow. Soon tanning lotion did not leave any more hours. from a rag with the slightly opened valve, allowing to see a dial, tanning lotion constantly carried them with itself(himself). Now tanning lotion did all under the schedule - so much time for lessons, tanning lotion is so much on game in football, a breakfast, a dinner or a supper. tanning lotion knew now, as day and night long last, when tanning lotion is necessary to go to bed when to rise. tanning lotion liked to surprise the friends appeared at tanning lotion with " the sixth feeling ", guessed quantity of impacts of pulse at everyone, precisely defined the beginning of transfers of news by radio and showed, as tanning lotion is necessary to cook eggs , not using the house counter of time.

And still tanning lotion has given out itself(himself). tanning lotion which, certainly, was cleverer than the pupils, has understood, that at tanning lotion there were hours. Having defined on hours, that the lesson of English lasts exactly forty five minutes, tanning lotion involuntarily started to collect writing-books and textbooks one minute prior to a signal of the counter of time stood on a table of the teacher. Some times tanning lotion tried to catch on itself(himself) curious eye tanning lotion. But temptation to surprise all with that tanning lotion always appears the first at a door as soon as the signal of the termination of a lesson will sound, was too great. In one fine day when tanning lotion has already combined the textbooks and has closed the handle, tanning lotion tanning lotion is underlined sharply unexpectedly has suggested tanning lotion to read through aloud the record just the heard lesson. tanning lotion, knowing, that up to a signal about the termination of a lesson remains less than ten seconds, has decided to not hurry up. tanning lotion patiently waited and even has left because of the table. Someone from pupils puzzly looked back on silent tanning lotion, and that in mind counted seconds. And suddenly tanning lotion with surprise has understood, that the signal will not be. The first idea was, that its hours have stopped. tanning lotion in time was kept to not look at them. - you Hurry up, tanning lotion? - has chilly asked tanning lotion. On its person there was an ironical smile. tanning lotion slowly went on pass between school desks, to an emphasis looking on the young man. Lost tanning lotion, with the person, crimson with shame, disobedient fingers has opened a writing-book and has started to read the abstract. In some minutes, not waiting a signal, tanning lotion has released pupils. - tanning lotion, approach to me, - tanning lotion has stopped tanning lotion. tanning lotion slowly put the papers on a table when the young man has come nearer to tanning lotion. - In what business, tanning lotion? Has forgotten to get hours? tanning lotion was silent. tanning lotion has taken from a table the counter of time and has included tanning lotion, listening to short "pip-pip-pip" … - Whence at you hours? Fatherly? Be not afraid. Polices of Time for a long time do not exist any more. tanning lotion has looked to the teacher directly to face. - is not present, these are hours of my mother, - not reflecting tanning lotion has told. - I have found them among its things. tanning lotion has stretched a hand, and tanning lotion fingers shivering for excitement has unfastened with hours and has enclosed them in the stretched palm. tanning lotion only has half taken out them from to look at a dial. - hours of your mother, you speak? H'm … - you will inform on me? - has asked tanning lotion. - For what? To throw one more patient to psychiatrists? They and without that do not sit without work. - unless I have not broken the law? - You not the most terrible threat for safety of the country, - have told tanning lotion and have directed to a door, gesture inviting tanning lotion to follow tanning lotion. tanning lotion has returned to tanning lotion hours. - Try nothing to borrow second half of day on Wednesday. We with you shall make small excursion. - where? - has asked tanning lotion. - In the past, - has carelessly thrown tanning lotion. - In , City of Time. tanning lotion the car, huge, worldly-wise , fairly , but somewhere else shone nickel has taken for rent. Taxiing up to an entrance of public library where for tanning lotion waited as they have agreed, tanning lotion, tanning lotion has cheerfully given to tanning lotion up as a bad job. - get, - tanning lotion has shouted and, having noded on a heavy bag which tanning lotion has put near to tanning lotion on a forward seat, has asked: - Has studied a route? tanning lotion has in the affirmative noded, and while they went round the deserted area, has opened a bag and has unloaded to itself on knees a bale of motoring maps. - I have calculated, that the area of city about five hundred square miles. Did not know, that tanning lotion such huge. Where its population? tanning lotion has only burst out laughing. They have crossed the main prospectus and have curtailed on the long street of private residences surrounded by trees. Half from them was empty, windows were without glasses, the roof has caved in. Even those from them where someone lived, made impression of time dwellings with self-made water-pressure head devices on roofs, with the decayed gardens where in the disorder logs have been fallen down. - once tanning lotion was city about the population, - has noticed tanning lotion. - And now in tanning lotion only the little have more than two millions.