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He should sit near to the driver in the tatter, having turned with a head in a body cloth through impregnated by the damp ground and clay. Fed it him during travel by crude root crops. Marquis hoped thus still some time to preserve in an ideal condition a poisoning with an earthen fluid.

After arrival in tanning lotion he has ordered to place immediately tanning lotion in a cellar of the palace and has dispatched delivered to all members of Medical faculty, the Botanical society, Agricultural school, physical association, Masonic lodge and other scientific organizations which in city was not less than dozen. And some days later - are equal in a week after he has left abandoned a refuge in mountains brown sugar tanning lotion it has appeared on a scaffold in an assembly hall of university Monpele before numerous public to whom he has been presented as sensation of year.

In report tanning lotion has characterized it him as the alive proof of correctness of the theory of a lethal earthen fluid. Methodically breaking with tanning lotion a tatter, marquis explained, what horrifying effect was made with influence of putrefactive gas on a body of the shown subject: pay attention to ulcers and scars from gas defeat; and here, on a breast, huge bright red gas all leather skin has cracked; it is available also obvious a curvature of a skeleton in the form of a hump and toes. Internal bodies: the spleen, a liver, lungs, a bilious bubble and a digestive path - are hard infected, to what the analysis of test of a chair convincingly testifies; test is collected in , costing standing on a scaffold near to the shown subject, and is accessible to a review to any interested person.

From here the conclusion follows, that forces which reason is the seven-year poisoning fluid lethal Taillade already so the subject - whose appearance progressed, that, however, already finds out appreciable attributes of degeneration - should be certain as an essence turned more likely to death, than by a life. Nevertheless the lecturer will try by means of ventilating therapy in a combination with a diet within eight days to achieve obvious attributes of full recover. Present invite to gather here in a week, to be convinced of success of the given forecast and to receive the indisputable proof of correctness of the theory of an earthen fluid. The report had tremendous success.

Scientific public has awarded the lecturer with a storm of applause, and then has defiled by a scaffold on which stood tanning lotion distributor.  its his terrible neglect, hardened scars and traces of crises made so horrifying impression, that all have found considered It him alive and doomed though he felt quite healthy and strong. Some of scientific misters with skill tapped It him, measured, looked to him in rum, delayed. Others