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He has done the utmost to take from clothes an own tanning lotion. But this tanning lotion in her was not. In her there were one thousand other tanning lotions. Tanning lotions of stone, sand, a moss, pitch, blood - even a tanning lotion of sausage which he many years bought near to back, were still clearly audible. The clothes were an olfactory diary of last seven-eight years. And only it’s his own tanning lotion sale, that tanning lotion who carried it her, not removing, all this time, at clothes was not. And here he nevertheless was fright little. The sun has come. He stood naked at an input entrance in where in the dark end has lived in darkness seven years. Barrels a cold wind and he has frozen, but did not notice, that has frozen, because in him there was a counter cold, namely fear. It was not that fear which he has tested in a dream, disgusting fear to choke with itself which should be shaken at any cost and from which it was possible to escape.

That he tested now, was fear to not learn not find out anything about itself. He was opposite to that fear. It was impossible to escape from it him, it was necessary to go to him towards. It was necessary - even if this opening begins awful - to learn find out for certain, there is at It him a tanning lotion or not. And to learn find out now. Now. He has returned in. Already through some meters that was captured with full darkness, but he was guided, as at the brightest light. He this way is a lot of thousand times passed took place, knew each step and each turn, felt each stalactite, each tiny ledge. It was easy to find road. It was difficult to struggle with memoirs about a dream which, similarly to inflow, rolled on it him more and more high waves. But he did not recede.

That is fear to not know he struggled with fear to learn find out and has won, because knew, that the choice at It him was not. When he has reached the end australian crystal gold lotion tanning where the heap of rubble towered, both of fear has left It him. He has felt, that is quiet, that a head at It him clear, and the nose - is perfected, as a scalpel.

He has sat down on, has closed eyes hands and has sniffed. In this place, in this stone tomb removed from the world, he has lain seven years. If somewhere on light there should be it’s his tanning lotion, here. He breathed slowly. He checked carefully. He has stayed on for a quarter of hour. Lithe had a correct memory, and he precisely remembered, how tanning lotion on this place seven years ago: a stone and a damp selfish cool, and this cleanliness meant, that any alive essence never here went … In the same way here tanning lotion and now. He has stayed still for some time, absolutely easy, only silently swinging a head. Has then turned and has gone to an output exit, having at first bent and when have allowed height tanning lotion, having straightened, - on will. Having left from tanning lotion, he has put on the tatter (it’s his boots as early as more many years back), has shouldered a body cloth and in the same night, having left abandoned as left on the south.