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He looked appeared monstrously. Hair knee-deep, a liquid beard - up to a navel. Nails became I resemble the bird's claws, and on hands and on tanning lotion, there, where the body was not covered with a tatter, with pieces a leather skin. The first people met by It him - the peasants worked on a floor field near to the city of Perfor, - at it his kind with shouts have rushed away. In the city he has made sensation. Have run together in hundreds to take a look at it him. The some people accepted It him for fluent. Others spoke, that he not the present true person, and a hybrid from the person and a bear, any wood monster. One former seaman approved confirmed, that he is similar to the savage-Indian from Cayenne which is on that party side of ocean. It he have led to mayor. There he, to amazement gathered has shown presented the letter, has opened a mouth and in enough confused and clumsy expressions - in fact it there were the first words said by It him after a seven-year break, - but he has quite clearly told, that wandering tanning lotion sample, that was attacked by robbers, have dragged off in a cave and held there captive seven years.

For this time he did not see neither sunlight, nor people, was fed from a basket which was lowered in darkness with an invisible hand, and, eventually, has been released exempted by means of a ladder, so anything and not having learned not having found out about the thieves and saviors. He has invented this history because she seem to him more convincingly, than the truth, she and was more convincing, as such predatory attacks continually happened in mountains Overni, Languedoc or in tanning lotion sale. Anyway mayor has trustfully entered this incident in the minutes and has reported on him on marquis tanning lotion, to the possessor of city and a member of parliament in Toulouse. This marquis already in forty years has lost interest to a court life, has left abandoned Versailles, has left in the possession and has devoted it to sciences.  its his feather possessed significant work about dynamic national economy in which he suggested to cancel all taxes to landed property and agricultural products, and also to enter inversely proportional surtax which most strongly week on poor and by that would compel force them more vigorously the economic activity. Inspired by success of the brochure, he has composed the treatise about education of boys and girls in the age of from five till ten years, then has taken a great interest in an experimental agriculture and has tried by carry of the bull seed on various grades of grasses to deduce remove vegetative a product of crossing for reception of milk, something like a flower.