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Ah, it was pleasant - to come back to itself! The Double dignity - and the Manufacturer of the worlds - fairly tired the Avenger, and to maintain then hours delights of own creations too was slightly burdensome. In exhaustion from divine duties of creation and representation Great tanning lotion anticipated house pleasures.  its his heart was the purple lock in stone desert. It was hidden with dunes, surrounded an oasis of bogs and a mix of stone walls. To reach It him it was possible only by air. In him there was one thousand pantries, both one thousand cellars, and one thousand magnificent interiors, including one with a simple purple canapé on which tanning lotion, already any more Great tanning lotion, and quite private person Grenuj or simply dear expensive Jean-lawn, liked to have a rest after day time works tingle tanning lotion. And in pantries locks there were high, up to the ceiling racks, and on them the smells collected tanning lotion for  its his life, some millions smells settled down all.

And flanks of the best aromas of his life were stored kept in cellars of the lock. When they were insisted, up to readiness, them spilled on bottles and in kilometers stacked in cool damp passes, according to year and a place of manufacture, and was them so many that there would be no life to try each bottle. And when our dear expensive Jean-lawn, having come back at last chez , laid down in purple interior on the cozy sofa - perhaps, having pulled together at last boots, - he clapped in and called the servants who were invisible tingle tanning lotion, imperceptible, inaudible and first of all are imperceptible on a scent, that is were completely imagined servants, and sent them to pantries that from great library of smells to deliver to him this or that volume, and ordered to them to go down in a cellar to bring to him lotion spellbound tanning. And imagined servants hastened hurried to execute commands, and stomach tanning lotion was compressed in a spasm of painful expectation. He suddenly tested sensation of the drunkard at a rack which covered fear that for any reasons for him will refuse to submit the reserved vodka. And suddenly cellars and pantries at once have become empty? Suddenly wine in flanks has deteriorated? Why for It him have kept waiting? Why do not go?