Tanning Lotions
  Sunless tanning lotion let you go get that tan without the painful drying result of the sun.
The most effective products available are sunless tanning or self tanning lotions that contain dihydroxyacetone
as the main component.

This component approved by American Academy of Dermatology. These lotions are very easy to use and work great. Using the right tanning lotions and moisturizers save your skin from damage.


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Tanning Lotions

Recomendation. How to use tanning lotions.

  1. Better not shave your legs for few hours before you planning to use sunless tanners. Some persons can do it, but if your skin is receptive don’t do it.
  2. Flake off while you shower with an elastic cotton washcloth. Synthetics scrubbers can make a streaky effect.
  3. Try to find for an exfoliator that includes polyethylene as its active component.
  4. Wear dark (black) outfit while using sunless tanners.
  5. Use a clean paintbrush, existing at any hardware store, to apply self tanner to your back. Clean before use and let it dried out. You can also use a wipe roller.
  6. If you are beginner to sunless tanning lotions, avoid use sprays. They are hard to apply evenly. Or you can spray the material onto your sponge paintbrush and use it that way.
  7. Hold the wipe over your toilet sink, spray the wipe with your sunless tanning lotion, then use the wipe to silky the spray over your skin. When you are finished, use a something dry wipe to do your hands. Think on using more than one wipes for a complete body application.
  8. Clean your hands at least every four minutes while using. Use soapy small brushes to clean fingers, and fingernails.
  9. Use inexpensive medical gloves under cotton gloves.
  10. Five to ten minutes after using a sunless tanning lotion, wipe areas such as elbows with a small amount of lotion to lighten the effect.
  11. Rub lotion roughly ankles and tops of feet to merge with legs.
  12. If you are using a sunless tanning lotion to your face and neck that is not a "for the face" type, take a lightweight lotion to your face and neck first, letting it infuse in for few minutes. This preventing the sunless tanner from assembly in spots with fine lines.
  13. The skin on your lips and nipples is almost unaffected by tanning lotions. Go over them when you use sunless tanners. Don’t avoid those spots that can make to an unpleasant buildup next to their borders.
  14. The freckles and moles will darken together with the rest of your body. Actually, some neutral moles may become extensively darker.
  15. You can use tanning lotions to your armpits. You can carelessly wipe the area few minutes later with a wet washcloth to lighten.
  16. Scars are more irregular. Typically, they darken a little. The more new the scar, the less sunless tanner it will take in.
  17. To ease the sunless tanner smell trouble, apply a lightly perfumed or non-scented sunless tanner, and then spray your favorite toilet water one hour later.
  18. Tanning lotion can left you feeling muggy, take bath powder to your skin thirty minutes to an hour after taking the sunless tanner. A lot of people apply the powder just a couple of minutes later with fine results.

Tanning beds

A tanning bed makes ultraviolet rays, exactly like the sun. Actually, a tanning bed can be even more risky than the sun. They make mostly UVA radiation, which penetrates deeper into your skin, at the same time as sunlight includes a combination of UVA and UVB and gets clean by the ozone layer.

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