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Firstly he has reached achieved some successes which have allowed him to produce make from grassy milk cheese which the Academy of sciences in Lyons has defined determined as “relatives to taste to though a little more bitter“. However he had to suspend experiences in view of huge charges on the bull seed which was sprayed by hectoliters on fields. Nevertheless employment occupations by agrarian-biological problems have wakened at it him interest not only to so-called ground, but also to the ground in general, and to her attitude relation to biosphere. Hardly having had time to finish experiences on deducing removing dairy- a flower, he with indestructible eagerness was accepted position on dependences between affinity to the ground and his thesis said, that the life can develop only on the certain removal distance from the ground as the ground constantly lets out a certain gas of decomposition, so-called fluid lethal what suppresses forces and sooner or later completely them will paralyze.

Therefore all alive essences aspire to leave by growth from the ground, that is as though grow from her away, instead of grow into her; for the same reason they direct upwards the most valuable parts: wheat - an ear, a flower - the bud, the person - a head; and consequently, when the old age will bend them and again to the ground, they inevitably get under influence of lethal gas to which owing to process of decomposition eventually and turn after the death. Having heard about that in has appeared , seven years in a cave where the was surrounded completely with an element of decomposition - the ground, marquis tanning lotion tanning lotion tanning lotion was delighted, and has ordered to deliver immediately tanning lotion to itself in laboratory, and there has subjected to careful inspection. He has found that the theory proves to be true in the most evident image. Fluidic lethal has so affected influenced on tanning lotion, that his twenty five years' body has found out attributes of senile decomposition. That circumstance is unique - so explained tanning lotion, - that tanning lotion during the finding in captivity ate the plants removed from the ground presumably bread and fruit, has prevented his death. Now, marquis considered counted, it was possible to restore former state of health tanning lotion only by radical removal distance of a fluid by means of invented by It him, the device for tanning lotion sample. Such device costs stands in a closet of its his city lock in tanning lotion and if tanning lotion it is necessary to give itself in the order of marquis as demonstration object marquis not only will relieve It him of a hopeless poisoning with earthen gas, but also will award with the fair sum of money …

Two hours later they sat in the carriage. Though nasty, sixty four miles up to tanning lotion they were dear expensive at that time have overcome all for two days for marquis, despite of old age, did not miss a case with own hand to urge forward the driver and horses, and at numerous breakages and springs personally participated in their repairing, - in such delight he was from the Foundling so thirsted as soon as possible to present his formed public. But tanning lotion it was never allowed to descend go about a goat of the carriage.