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Having woken up, he began to beat off, as if as trying to banish an intolerable stench which threatened to strangle it him. He to death has been frightened, shivered all body simply for fatal fear. If it’s his shout has not broken off this stench, he would choke by itself - terrible death! Recollecting it this, he shuddered. And while he sat, being still shaken from horror and trying to put in order the frightened, chaotic ideas, he has firmly understood one: he will change the life even that not in second time such monstrous dream. Second time to him of it this to not transfer carry. He has thrown a body cloth over shoulders and has got out outside. There just there was a morning, later morning of the end of February. The california tanning lotion shone. The Earth a damp stone, a moss and water.

The wind already informed weak aroma. He has sat down on the ground at an input entrance in a cave, being warmed on the sun and inhaling fresh air. It him still at memoirs on a stench from which he ran, and from heat spread on a back. All the same it is good, that this external world still existed, even as the purpose of runaway. Would be unimaginably terrible to not find out at an output exit from the tunnel any world! Neither light, nor a tanning lotion - only this awful stench, inside, outside, everywhere … The best self tanning lotion gradually passed took place. A vice of fear were gradually unclenched, and tanning lotion has felt more confidently. To he has again found the composure. Having brought the back party side to a nose index and average fingers of the left hand, he breathed through fingers, inhaling damp, seasoned aroma of spring air. Fingers at all tanning lotion. He has turned a palm and has sniffed at the internal party side. He has felt heat of a hand, but nothing tanning lotion. Then he has turned a shabby sleeve of a shirt and has been absorbed in a bend of an elbow. He knew, what is it - that place where all people tanning lotion by it. However he not tanning lotion anything.