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But he, strictly adhering to the instruction received from marquis, answered questions only the squeezed rattle and thus both hands helplessly specified a throat, letting know, that fluid lethal Taillade has already deeply amazed struck  its his throat. When demonstration has ended, tanning lotion has again packed It him and has sent home in a pantry of the palace. There he at presence of the several selected elected doctors of medical faculty has placed it him in the device for air - that is in a closet from closely driven adjusted the friend to pine boards. Through a very tall soaking up pipe on a roof the closet was aired by air cleared of lethal gas, and fulfilled air left through the leather gate in a floor.

All this the construction was put in action servants who day and night cared of that the fans built in a pipe were in continuous movement. Thus tanning lotion was constant it is surrounded by a clearing air stream, and through the folding door cut out in a wall for air to him each hour dietary dishes from the products removed from the ground submitted: Pigeon broth, paste from larks, a ragout from wild ducks, jam from fruit growing on trees, bread from special high grades of wheat, wine, milk of a mountain chamois and a cream from the shaken up eggs of the hens contained on an attic of a palace. Five days this medical rate of disinfection and proceeded. Then marquis has ordered to stop fans and has translated transferred tanning lotion catalog in a bathroom where some hours in baths with warm rain water and at last have washed up It him from a head up to tanning lotion soap with an impurity of the nut oil butter delivered from city Potosi in the Andes. To him nails on hands and tanning lotion, a thin powder from diplomatic to exhaust inform notify have cleaned a teeth, It him have shaved, and have brushed, and hair have twisted and have powdered. Have invited the tailor, the shoemaker, and tanning lotion distributor has received to a measure a shirt with a white jabot and white on cuffs, silk stockings, a camisole, trousers, both a blue velvet waistcoat and beautiful shoes with from a black leather skin from which right skillfully masked  its his mutilated leg foot. Marquis has with own hand powdered white talc speckled person face Grenuja, has touched lips and cheeks and has given to eyebrows by means of a soft pencil from coal lindens really a noble bend. Then he has sprayed its his personal spirits with a tanning lotion of violets, has receded on some steps and long could not find words to express the admiration. - Sir, - has begun he at last, - I in delight from itself. I am shaken amazed by genius. Certainly, I never doubted of my correctness theories; by no means; but that circumstance, that she finds so brilliant acknowledgement confirmation in practical therapy, shakes amazes me. You were an animal, and I have made of you the person.

This directly divine act. Allow me be touched! - approach suit to that mirror and look at it! You for the first time in a life learn find out, that you the person; not that that especial, or exclusive, or something outstanding, but nevertheless quite normal person. Yes approach suit to a mirror, sir! Look at myself and amaze to a miracle which I with you have made! For the first time in life tanning lotion have told "sir".